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Online Tutoring


One-on-one support in writing skills, novel study and social studies for those in elementary and high school.

Cathy's compassionate approach creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort that helps the learner build on their current abilities and develop a broader repertoire of critical thinking, writing, discussion and presentation skills.  

Work with Cathy to:

  • Build skills and confidence with personal expression

  • Understand paragraph and essay format

  • Build vocabulary and creativity with words

  • Develop critical thinking 

  • Increase comfort with public speaking, presentations

  • Grow autonomy and confidence

  • Develop organizational skills

  • Learn strategies for: 

    • Literary Analysis

    • Persuasive writing

    • Comparative writing

    • Narrative writing

    • Writing an application

I really appreciated your help and your support in grade 11 and grade 12 with writing, speaking, and university applications!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I am very grateful for everything you have done ~ Grade 12 Student

[Tutoring] helped me feel more confident about myself ~ Grade 6 Student

Cathy has been tutoring my daughters for over 4 years now.  She has not only enhanced their academic learning by extending the scope of the curriculum, but has also been a mentor, supporting them as they navigate the many challenges of high school.  ~ Grade 12 & 9 Parent

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