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If you're looking for fun, interactive programs for your kids to do after school, or over summer and winter breaks, Cathy offers play-based programs at Trout Lake and Douglas Park community centres.


Kids will get to expand their creativity and connection with nature through innovative programs that combine art, writing and out-in-nature exploration. Her programs are great for kids that are new to creative expression as well as those who have already tapped into their natural abilities.




Early Childhood 


Creative Play - 4-7 years/5-7 years  

Play sets the stage for children to explore, experiment and be creative! From sharing stories to kitchen play, building to art activities, connecting to each other and nature, there’s never a dull moment.  The small group size makes this program a great stepping stone to kindergarten.

Registration July 15-19  Trout Lake Community Centre  July 29-Aug 2 Trout Lake Community Centre



Parent & Child Sensory Art - 2-4 years

Become a sensory explorer with your child as you both experience the world of process art!  Celebrate the experience of discovery as your child explores a variety of art materials.  Each class brings a new experience and unique art creation.  Art materials provided.

Registration:  July 15-19 Trout Lake Community Centre, Aug 26-30 Trout Lake Community Centre


Nature Inside Outside 4-7 years/5-8 years

In this small group, outdoor playtime sets the stage for children to explore, experiment and be creative! Each class brings a new adventure, inviting the children to engage with nature in an active and dynamic way. Indoor time brings an opportunity to do nature art, and explore samples from nature more closely. Rain or shine, the group will go outside; please dress for the weather.

Registration:  July 29-Aug 2 Trout Lake Community Centre (4-7 yrs), Aug 26-30 Trout Lake Community Centre 5-8 years






School Age 

Nature Connections:  Field Guide  8-12 years

Learn to tell the nature stories of Trout Lake by exploring and making a field guide! Each class will bring opportunities to explore an area of the park, observing, drawing, interacting with nature. Depending on the interests of the group, there may be indoor time to further research and explore nature samples. This is an outdoor program so come dressed for the weather. Art supplies included.

Registration:   July 22-26  Trout Lake Community Centre, Aug 19-23 Trout Lake Community Centre








Creative Writing & Art  8-12 years

Looking for a way to support your child's writing and self-expression? In this fun summer mini-camp, children will learn about the elements of a variety of story styles through fun, hands on activities. Explore different genres while honing writing skills in the comfort of this small group. Art projects are included to further support self-expression. Please bring a writing journal, pencil and snack.

Registration:  July 22-26 Trout Lake Community Centre, Aug 19-23 Trout Lake Community Centre



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