Creative Studio For Children is a destination located in Salem, Oregon where children have the opportunity to engage in a variety of sensory and visual activities that promote growth, depth and cognitive development while HAVING AN AMAZINGLY FUN TIME exploring the Creative Arts!

Creative Studio For Children is a place where kids are encouraged to play, learn and explore their own unique Individuality by making discoveries and learning about themselves. Through creative play, children make sense of the world and their place in it. Play is the “work” of children.

Creative Studio For Children is organized in a variety of Activity areas that change daily, so you always get a different experience. One could say it’s a Creative Arts Studio disguised as a Child Development Center…or vice-versa! Activities are organized at different levels so a child can find what they are interested in and engage in that activity, or move on to another. Everything is done with a special touch. We will make your visit, your party, or your class a special and memorable experience.

Drop-in for unlimited fun, sign your child up for a creative art or crafting class or be one of the first to have a birthday party experience like nothing the Salem area has to offer.

Your children will be inspired to learn and grow in a creative, clean, fun and safe environment that is dedicated to help them: Build Confidence, Motor Skills, Coordination, Concentration, Collaborate with others and take Pride in Ownership. We bring the Opportunity, the Learning Environment and the Life Concepts that every child needs in their growth and development.

Creative Studio For Children is not a pre-school or daycare, it is a place you come to spend quality time with your child(ren) or observe what truly inspires them.

Need to get work done? We have free Wifi access, bring your laptop while your children play. Meet friends, socialize over coffee (provided) while your children play.
The Creative Arts and Early Childhood Development are the two lifetime passions that have driven Owner Kara Hassoun’s personal life and professional career and inspired her to open the Creative Studio For Children. Kara maintains a degree in the Visual Arts, has over 15 years of experience in the Graphic Design industry and has spent a lifetime in Early Childhood Development. Kara specializes in the Visual Arts, Photography and Art Direction. Her mother started the renowned Chemeketa Childhood Development Program over 30 years ago. Kara’s experience in childhood development and the visual arts are significant, but the attributes that truly stand out are her dedication to providing a “special” experience that is memorable and impactful, and how responsive and actively engaged children seem to be around her.